Health News 3 April 2011

  • From the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention: most Americans get enough vitamin D:  Despite all the conflicting information about vitamin D deficiency, new data from the CDC suggests that only 8 percent of Americans are presently at risk of deficiency. (Huffington Post)
  • Researchers believe they are making real progress in the fight against LAM, lymphangioleiomyomatosis, a rare lung disease that is similar to a slow-growing cancer.  It affects only women: scientists to not know why.  LAM was formerly treated with hormone therapy or by the removal of the patient’s ovaries.  Many of the women died despite these approaches.  Treating LAM with rapamycin, a drug used on transplant patients to stop the rejection of the new organs, shows great promise.  According to UF’s Dr. Mark Brantly, the drug stopped and even reversed LAM’s ravages in study participants.  The next step is to expand the study and determine if rapamycin helps patients live longer.  (New England Journal of Medicine; Euna Lhee at
  • Prostate cancer test does not cut risk of death: According to the Associated Press, “In a 20-year study of more than 9,000 Swedish men, researchers found no difference in the rate of prostate cancer between the men who were periodically screened and those who weren’t.  Routine screening for prostate cancer is controversial and the new results aren’t likely to end the debate about the value of testing”. (Bay News 9; Dalia Colon,

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