Health News 6 April 2011

A timely article in yesterday’s NYTimes by Jane E Brody issued a warning on overuse injuries for youths.  The American Academy of Pediatrics has stated that the goal of youth participation in sports “should be to promote lifelong physical activity, recreation and skills of healthy competition” – and not, as Miss Brody notes “the hopes of obtaining a college scholarship, or making an Olympic and professional team”.  With this in mind, here are some of the symptoms of an overuse injury:

  • A gradual onset of pain, or pain presenting as an ache.
  • No history of direct injury.
  • Stiffness or aching after or during training or competition.
  • Increasing periods of time for pain to subside or resolve.
  • Point tenderness, visible swelling and missed training sessions as a result of pain or injury

Search “pediatric overuse injuries” here for more information.

  • GOP budget proposal takes aim at health care programs: “The GOP proposal would phase out direct payments to doctors and hospitals under Medicare, scale back the Medicaid program for the poor and disabled, and throw out government insurance subsidies that the new healthcare law is to make available to millions of Americans starting in 2014”. (LA Times)

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