Health Updates 29 April 2011

  • US targets advertisers in fight against childhood obesity: “Regulators are asking food makers and restaurant companies to make a choice: make your products healthier or stop advertising them to youngsters”. (NY Times)
  • Depression undiagnosed and untreated in primary care: “Four out of every ten people at work or sitting in the doctor’s waiting room suffer from moderate to severe depression.  Prevalence rates for depression are highest among women and older patients with chronic conditions.  Yet despite its high prevalence and costly nature, depression is significantly under-diagnosed and under-treated by physicians”. (Steve Wilkins, MedPage One)
  • UF report ranks 10 most harmful pathogen-food combos in fight against food poisoning: “A new report from the University of Florida’s Emerging Pathogens Institute takes a first step at identifying the specific pathogen-food combinations that pose the greatest public-health threat, in terms of short- and long-term costs as well as pain and suffering.” (Wall Street Journal)
  • Cheaper drug to treat eye disease is effective: “A drug that costs about $50 a dose is just as effective at preserving and improving vision in elderly people with an age-related eye disease as one that costs $2,000 a dost, according to the results of a government-sponsored clinical trial released Thursday”. (NY Times)

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