Mama Mia!

Here’s a shocker: The US Bureau of Labor Statistics has a sense of humor!

Not only that, they get it!  They have released their Mother’s Day Index 2011, which values, conservatively, a mom at an impressive $61,436 per year – and this is just for what she does at home.  Her other wages or salary are not included.

The index breaks down the annual mom-cost as follows:

  1. Cooking at $6,938 per year
  2. Driving at $6,285
  3. Helping with homework at $7,140
  4. Child care at $20,696
  5. Nursing care at $430
  6. Cleaning at $4,888
  7. Party planning at $1,479
  8. Summer activities organizing at $8,726
  9. Haircuts and grooming at $300
  10. Shopping for family at $1,580
  11. Family finances at $620
  12. Yard work at $563
  13. Fixing up the house at $1,000
  14. Finding out what the kids are up to at $791
To make these calculations, the Bureau used standard occupational classes – cooks, taxi drivers, meeting planners, hairdressers, maintenance workers, LPN’s and so forth.  The appropriate hourly wages were applied and hours per week averaged.  Can you imagine if the family had to go on Craig’s List every time one of these jobs came up?  Wow!

Happy Mother’s Day!  Let someone else do the washing up!


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