Glad We Covered This Before You Left!

Now that you’ve decided to check out travel insurance, what’s next?

First, go online and find a comparison site: SquareMouth is a good one.   This approach will save you time and give you a decent idea of what’s out there.  You will need the following information to set up your travel plan comparison:

  • Your departure and return dates (the whole trip must be covered).
  • Your first trip payment date.
  • Your trip cost (for this part, you can estimate, but you will need the actual figure eventually).
  • The primary destination (where you will spend the most time).
  • Your country and state of residence.
  • The current age of each traveler.
Once you select a plan, you can purchase it with a credit or bank card.  To complete the transaction, you will also need:
  • The full name and date of birth of each traveler.
  • Your address and telephone number.
  • Beneficiary information for the AD&D or flight accident benefits.
  • Payment information.
You will receive an email confirmation of the purchase.  You can make changes in your travel policy right up to the day before you leave – most companies are happy to help you here.  Some of the changes most commonly made:
  • Specific contact or traveler information.
  • Additional trip costs, such as new tours or tickets.
  • Adding another family member to the list of travelers.
  • Altering the return date.
  • Adjusting the deductible amounts for medical benefits.
These changes may increase your premium, but could just as easily reduce it.  In case of a reduction, you will receive a refund for the difference.  And changes must be made before the trip. Again, once the trip is underway, the policy is in effect and you are subject to any and all travel insurance plan rules.
And, of course, you can also cancel the travel insurance during the free review period.  This review period is part of all travel insurance plans and is the number of days you can use to look the policy over, examine the coverages and decide whether or not the plan meets your needs.  If you have already started your trip, it is too late for a refund.
To change or cancel your policy during the review period, contact the travel insurance provider directly.  You may be required to cancel in writing.  It is very important, then, that you review your policy very closely as soon as you receive it, either by email or other method.

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