Health Updates 17 May 2011

  • Tai Chi helps prevent falls, aids mental health: “Doing tai chi – combining slow movements with relaxation and deep breathing – appears to help prevent falls in older people and improve their state of mind, according to recently published systematic reviews.  Tai chi originated from the Buddhist and Confucian precept that health is determined by the life forces yin and yang, with illness representing an imbalance in these energies.  Among the conditions evaluated in these trials were general health in older people, cancer, Parkinson’s disease, cardiovascular disease, muscle strength, type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis, psychological health, rheumatoid arthritis and fall prevention.” (Nancy Walsh, MedPage Today)
  • More ways to help prevent a stroke: 1). Manage diabetes with an anti-inflammatory diet and keep tight control of blood sugar levels; 2). Lower total cholesterol; 3). Focus on your diet, following an eating plan designed for those with high blood pressure and heart disease; and 4). Consider supplementation with calcium and magnesium as these minerals can help support and maintain circulatory health. (Dr.
  • Night eating really does (maybe) lead to weight gain: “…scientists found that late sleepers had higher body mass indexes, typically downed more calories at dinner and ate fewer fruits and vegetables…the scientists [also] discovered that eating after 8 pm was associated with a higher body mass index, suggesting that late-evening calories are, for some reason, more hazardous to your weight”.  (NY Times)
  • Weekend admission may raise risk of death: “Patients admitted for an emergency on a weekend are more likely to die in the hospital than those admitted on a weekday, researchers found. ‘The consistency of the data cross multiple diagnostic-related groups, patient demographics, comorbidities, and hospital characteristics indicates that a central and common factor is more likely responsible for the unfavorable outcomes…it is likely that factors such as differences in hospital staffing and services offered during the weekend compared with weekdays are causal and mutable’.”  (Todd Neale, MedPage Today)

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