Health Updates 27 May 2011

  • Kiss a frog, catch…salmonella?  “As of early May, the Centers for Disease Control have identified more than 220 people in 41 states who’s been infected with a strain of salmonella linked to contact with water frogs, particularly those of the African Dwarf variety.  Cases have been reported in people as young as one, was well as those nearly 70, though the median age of the infectees is five years old.   And this, the organization cautions, is particularly troublesome: Children under 10 are most susceptible to serious cases of salmonella and some 30 percent of the frog-related cases have resulted in hospitalizations”.  Symptoms of salmonella (diarrhea, vomiting, fever and cramps) generally clear up in a week, with proper medical attention.  While avoiding pets is not necessary, practicing good hygiene – thorough hand-washing – is essential.  And Dr. Craig Altier of Cornell’s College of Veterinary Medicine recommends ‘please, don’t kiss your iguana’. (Huffington Post)
  • New tool makes it easier to figure fetal weight: “A customizable fetal-weight and birth-weight tool may predict adverse perinatal outcomes more accurately and simply than other generic models, according to the tool’s developers.  The spreadsheet-based application can be used to create a global fetal-weight and birth-weight reference based on country, geographic area, or ethnic origin” which will “allow clinicians to use their country’s own population charts, rather than reference curves imported from other countries, to accurately assess fetal growth”.  These measures should help in the fight against stillbirths, neonatal deaths and other tragic, adverse outcomes. (MedPage Today)
  • GOP stands by Rep. Paul Ryan’s Medicare overhaul plan: “Republican lawmakers reaffirmed Wednesday their embrace of a controversial Medicare overhaul despite an electoral setback, ensuring the federal health program will remain a divisive issue through the 2012 election.  Republicans responded to Democrat Kathy Hochul’s Tuesday victory in a traditionally Republican New York Congressional district by saying they needed to attack the Democrats’ Medicare position more forcefully, rather than back off their own plan”. (Wall Street Journal)
  • Costs of drug abuse rival costs of chronic illnesses: Illicit drug use cost the US economy an estimated $193 billion in 2007 – a figure that comes close to the annual costs related to diabetes and other chronic diseases, according to a government study released Thursday by the National Drug Intelligence Center“. (CNN)

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