Health Updates 27 July 2011

  • The Web: Just as Addictive as Cigarettes and Booze: “The British study, conducted by the consumer behavior research company Intersperience, shows that 53% of people feel ‘upset’ when they are unable to have an Internet connection, and 40% of people said they feel ‘lonely’ if they can’t go online.  On the other hand, only 23% said they would feel ‘free’ if they were cut off from the Internet…One participant who gave up technology for a day said it was ‘like having my hand chopped off’, while another said it was ‘my biggest nightmare’.”  This has been called being digitally dependent, and unplugging “is like giving up smoking or drinking”. (Huffington Post)
  •  Heart attacks, not strokes, run in families: Genetic connections between parents and siblings confer more of a risk for heart attack than stroke, researchers found in a population-based study….The links between siblings for stroke risk were substantially weaker and a parent’s stroke didn’t correlate with the chance of stroke in a sibling…These findings might have implications for risk prediction tools, which currently lump together family history of events”.  (Crystal Phend, MedPage Today)
  • Chicken nuggets sold at Dollar General are being recalled: “A voluntary recall of thousands of pounds of ready-to-eat chicken has been expanded over concerns that the meat could be contaminated with bacteria than can cause food poisoning.  Colorado-based Pilgrim’s Pride on Tuesday announced the recall now includes about 7,000 pounds of Pilgrim’s Pride Brand Fully Cooked Chicken Breast Nuggets that were shipped to dozens of Dollar General stores in the following states: Florida, West Virgina, Tennessee, Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Georgia and Alabama.” (Florida Today)
  • Depression rates higher in affluent countries: “The proportion of people who have ever had an episode of clinical depression in their lifetime is 15% in the high-income nations and 11% in lower-income countries, the study estimates.  France (21%) and the United States (19%) had the highest rates, while China (6.5%) and Mexico (8%) had the lowest.” (CNN)

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