Health Updates 3 August 2011

  • Medicare and Medicaid still at risk for deep cuts: “The giant health care programs serving some 100 million elderly, low-income and disabled Americans were spared from the first round of cuts in the agreement between President Barack Obama and congressional leaders.  But everything’s on the chopping block for a powerful new congressional committee that will be created under the deal to scour the budget for savings.” (Associated Press)
  • TV ads for kids still heavy on unhealthy foods: “Although children’s total exposure to television pitches for foods high in fat, sugar and/or salt has declined substantially in recent years, such ads still make up the overwhelming majority of advertising aimed at kids, researchers said.  From 2003 to 2009, children’s exposure to ads for unhealthy foods dropped by about one-third…yet 86% of ads seen by children in 2009 were for such products, down only slightly from 94% in 2003.” (John Gever, MedPage Today)
  • Iraq, Afghanistan war vets with PTSD settle a class action lawsuit: “In a motion filed last week with the US Court of Federal Claims, the National Veterans Legal Service Program and the government jointly asked the court to approve lifetime disability retirement benefits to 1,029 veterans with PTSD who were denied those benefits upon discharge from the military after their wartime service.” (Washington Post)
  • Few hospitals provide support to new mothers on how to breastfeed: “At least that’s what the CDC says.  It just issued a new report saying that less than 4 percent of US hospitals provide the support women need to nurse – putting kids at needless risk for childhood obesity, ear infections, diabetes, respiratory trouble, and other medical problems that have been linked to bottle-feeding.” (CBS News)

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