Health Updates 23 August 2011

  • Hospitals are giving faster care following heart attacks: “In a spectacular turnabout, hospitals are treating almost all major heart attack patients within the recommended 90 minutes of arrival, a new study finds.  Just five years ago, less than half of them got their clogged arteries opened that fast.  The time it took to treat such patients plunged from a median of 96 minutes in 2005 to only 64 minutes last year, researchers found.” (Associated Press)
  • Supermoms most at risk for depression: “The research, presented Aug. 20 at the annual meeting of the American Sociological Association in Las Vegas, finds that working is good for mothers’ mental health.  But among working mothers, the least depressed are those who don’t expect to combine work and family life seamlessly…”. (LiveScience)
  • Both marriage and divorce can lead to weight gain: Researchers examined weight loss and gain in men and women in the two years following a marital transition, getting married or getting divorced.  They found that there was a difference for the sexes: Men were at a higher risk for gaining weight after divorce, while women were at a higher risk of packing on the pounds following marriage.” (LA Times)
  • Hospital re-admissions seldom a sign of poor hospital care: “Although re-admissions after hospital discharge are often taken as evidence of substandard care, most of those reviewed in a multicenter study were judged to have been unavoidable.  Only 16%…of 649 patients with urgent re-admissions within six months of discharge had conditions that could have been averted with better management, according to Carl van Walraven, MD, MSc, of the University of Ottawa in Canada, and colleagues.  Even among re-admissions occurring in the first month of discharge – the most common time interval in the US when re-admission rates are used as a hospital quality measure – only a minority of cases were potentially avoidable…”.  (John Gever, MedPage Today)

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