Health Updates 29 August 2011

  • Drinking makes college kids feel cool, responsible – even if they get sick doing it: “And booze, [Thomas Vander Ven] finds, not only helps young students alleviate their social anxiety, it helps them grow close friendships, and find romantic love.  By taking care of other drinkers when they’re feeling ill, he argues, many student drinkers also get their first taste of adult responsibility, findings that have major implications for the ways in which we think about alcohol.” Really? (
  • Congresswoman, presidential contender, Michele Bachmann tells Floridians in gated community that she’ll repeal federal health care reform: “She did not disappoint them pledging to repeal the federal health care reform act, abolish the Environmental Protection Agency and dramatically reduce taxes on the highest tax brackets, for people she called ‘the job creators’.” Really? (Orlando Sentinel)
  • Boxing should be KO’d for kids: “Young people should not be permitted to participate in boxing because of the risk of acute and chronic brain injuries, according to a new policy statement from the American Academy of Pediatrics.  One estimate is that more than 18,000 children and teens are involved in amateur boxing, despite an ongoing debate about the suitability of a sport that actively encourages blows to the head, according to Claire M.A. LeBlanc, MD, of the American Academy of Pediatrics and Laura Purcell, MD, of the Canadian Pediatric Society.  Objections to a sport  in which the highest goal is to knock out one’s opponent have been based on medical, legal and ethical grounds, the authors stated online in Pediatrics.”  Injuries include subdural hematoma, concussion and fractures and lacerations to the face, including the nose and eyes.  (Nancy Walsh, MedPage Today)
  • Minimize your consumption of hormone-laden meats: Hormone residues in food may increase the risk of breast cancer and other reproductive system cancers in women, and may contribute to prostate cancer in men.  When food shopping, keep in the mind the following: 1). know which animal foods are likely to contain unwanted hormones.  Currently, only cattle and sheep are allowed added growth hormones.  The USDA does not permit hormone use in hogs, turkeys, chickens and other fowl, or in venison; 2). Read labels closely, looking for ‘no hormones administered’ on the packaging.  This means these chemicals were not used when the animals were raised; and 3). Use more meat alternatives – soy products, beans, legumes and mushrooms.  (

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