Health Updates 10 November 2011

  • A drug used to treat cancer shows promise for weight loss strategy: “The study, published Wednesday, describes trials in which three species of primates responded to injections of the synthetic peptide by eating less, shedding belly fat and showing changes in metabolic function likely to keep at bay Type 2 diabetes – a frequent consequence of obesity.  The trick behind the therapy: killing fat cells by robbing them of the blood supply that nourishes them.” (LA Times)
  • Chewing gum cuts ear infection risk in kids: “Chewing gum containing xylitol may actually prevent ear infections in kids, researchers say….children who chewed gum – or took other products laden with xylitol, including lozenges or syrup – had about a 25% lower risk of developing acute otitis media compared with control interventions…”. (Kristina Fiore, MedPage Today)
  • Hillary Clinton says US aims to wipe out AIDS: “The United States will, for the first time, make it a policy goal to have an ‘AIDS-free generation’ in the near future, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced.  The administration’s new AIDS-free generation goal will focus on ‘combination prevention strategy’, combining three interventions that have been proven to slow the spread of disease: ending mother-to-child transmissions; expanding voluntary male circumcision; and making greater use of antiretroviral medications.” (Emily P. Walker, MedPage Today)
  • Florida state lawmakers introduce legislation regulating rules on the shackling of jailed pregnant women: “Advocates for legislation that would create humane rules for the shackling of incarcerated pregnant women say the law would fill a present gap in jail policies in Florida, despite claims by the Florida Department of Corrections that the measure is unnecessary.  State Rep. Betty Reed, D-Tampa, and Sen. Arthenia Joyner, D-Tampa, have introduced a bill that creates rules in county and city jails to protect the health of pregnant women who are incarcerated.” (Florida Independent)

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