About Us

I am a licensed, professional life and health insurance agent based in central Florida.  I am also licensed in California, Louisiana and Maryland.

No one was more surprised than I was to find myself in the insurance field.  I majored in European history and the insurance world was not on my radar.  In fact, I had never given it much thought, and the few thoughts I did have were not positive. But once I landed here, studied like mad, got my licenses and went to work, I discovered several interesting things. It’s not tiresome, it’s not a scam when done properly, and it’s a sound, sensible way to help people protect what they love.

It is a privilege to get to know my clients and help them manage their responsibilities and passions.  Working together, we don’t focus on buying a policy so much as on finding solutions, approaches tailored to their specific needs, budgets and situations.  I enjoy the challenge and creativity of my work and appreciate and respect its moral and ethical requirements.

An insurance policy or two will not solve all your problems; that is never the intention.  A good insurance program does help keep you on track, though. Correctly written and managed, life, health, critical illness, accident and disability plans are there to back you up and keep you moving forward. Insurance is a smart move – and it is not an entitlement. You earn it.

So let’s get started. Let me know what you are working towards and who you take care of. We will map out an approach, do our homework, and get you covered.


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